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The Best Social Media Posts

April 2021

Bridget Favre and Doris Galvin of D&B Strategic Marketing
Photo Courtesy Burrill Strong

This month we found entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of Own It: The Secret To Life, Diane von Furstenberg’s quote for how to approach each day relevant!

“Every day is a new beginning,” she said. “And the minute you own it, you’re in control…. the most important relationship in life is with yourself, so own it. Be your best friend. Hear everyone, but listen to yourself… your life is an adventure. It’s yours. Just remember, own it.”


The Best Social Media Posts

Last month we hosted an Instagram workshop focusing on 1) getting more followers, 2) Instagram delivery formats, and 3) why video matters in 2021. We shared Ideas and tools to help create engaging social media posts.

We continue to be amazed by evolving statistics about the amount of time people spend on social media. In fact, more time on social media than any other task, with an estimated lifetime on social media of 6 years and 8 months - Yikes! That is a lot of screen time.

The following is a synopsis from the workshop. If you are interested in signing up for our next one on Monday, April 26 at 9 am please email

Thank you Kelly for sharing your appreciation!

When we talk about The Best Social Media Posts - several components come to mind to creating thoughtful social media engagement. The top two include writing a compelling biography; and consistently displaying your brand personality.

1) A Compelling Bio Includes:

  • the use of keywords people search for

  • your website link

  • your contact details

  • your hashtag

  • archive stories topics

  • and - emojis

An excellent example of a bio noted below from La Maison’s Instagram Profile -

2) Your Brand Personality

  • should have a curated grid

  • use consistent colors & fonts

  • consider the types of posts, i.e., informative, emotive, action-oriented

  • be mindful of the tone - your voice

An example of a strong brand personality grid is from Headliners Design Studio’s Instagram Profile -

And to create the best social media posts, you need to switch up your delivery formats to stay current and relevant. Using a combination of Instagram delivery platforms will expand your reach and keep your audience engaged. In the workshop, we covered the following platforms:

  • Posts

  • Stories

  • Instagram Live

  • Instagram Shop

  • Guides

  • Reels

  • IGTV Series

  • Ads


Why Video Matters in 2021

There are many statistics out there, some of the most impactful Video Trends include:

  • 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television (google)

  • By 2022, 82% of the world’s internet traffic will be video - 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (cisco)

  • 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices (emarketer)

  • 92% of users watching videos on mobile will share them with others (wordstream)

These statistics create a compelling reason for inclusion of videos in your social media.


Think of Social Media as a means to an end, not an end in itself, and develop an integrated plan.

FYI - D&B Strategic Marketing New Services & Workshops

Service Menu Enhancements:

  1. Website Audits

  2. Realign your marketing focus

  3. Strategic Planning

  4. Evaluating E-Commerce options

  5. Workshops

    1. IG & FB - Animation, short videos

    2. Analytics - Facebook Business Manager

If you are interested in learning more about our workshops, please visit our website or email

Fun dates, events & anniversaries to consider during the next month:

  • April 22 - Earth Day and Take Your Son or Daughter to work Day

  • May 1 - May Day and Kentucky Derby

  • May 4 - Star Wars Day

  • May 5 - Cinco de Mayo and National Teachers Day

  • May 6 - National Nurses Day

  • May 9 - Mother’s Day

  • May 25 - National Wine Day

Enjoy Spring!


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